Lipoic Acid, also called Alpha Lipoic Acid or Thiotic Acid, is a potent antioxidant also known as the “universal” antioxidant for its ability to dissolve in both water and fat. Antioxidants are important to combat the effects of free radicals, unstable molecules that can disrupt whole cells and are thought to be responsible for cell damage and aging. IS IT MAGIC? THE STORY OF LIPOIC ACID.

What's important to know about B12 and Folic Acid? What are the risks of a B12 and Folic Acid deficiency? Find out!

What's important to know about B12 and Folic Acid?

  1. Taking the Right Kind of B12
  2. Risks of B12 and Folic Acid Deficiencies
  3. What Tests Are Available to Evaluate for B12 and Folic Acid Deficiency
  4. A Functional B12 Deficiency May Exist so Tests May Not Show the Need
  5. B12 Can Be Difficult to Absorb
  6. Importance of the Reduction of Homocystine
  7. The Importance of Taking B12 and Folic acid Together


Osteoporosis is the progressive thinning of bone or porous bone. Learn more about your bones and their strength, the causes and prevention of osteoporosis, and treatment options.

Prevalence: Approximately one and one-half million fractures per year occur because of Osteoporosis. It is estimated that one third of all women in the U.S. develop Osteoporosis severe enough to be the cause of fractures. These fractures can be disfiguring and painful and can be caused by minimal trauma, even as little as lifting a small box or even just the weight of the person’s own body. There are twice as many fractures today as there were thirty years ago.

Types of Fractures: Three types of fractures generally occur - wrist fractures, vertebral crush fractures and hip fractures. The hip fractures are the most devastating in terms of mortality in that many (up to 20%) die within one year of the fracture and as many as 50% become unable to live at home and are placed in nursing homes.

Bone Is Living Tissue: Many people look at bone as being hard, static tissue. In fact, bone is always breaking down and building up. This process is known as remodeling. The old bone is replaced with new bone in order to make areas of stress stronger so these areas can withstand the pressures placed upon it. For example, in a tennis player one may find that the bone in the upper playing arm is stronger and thicker than in the other arm . . .

Bevko offers a powerful supplement called Bone & Minerals Complete with extra Chromium and Selenium that helps supports strong bones. How do these vital elements affect how your body works?

What Are Minerals and Who Needs Them?

Everyone (men, women, and children) needs minerals. Most people think minerals are just for bones and that calcium is the only one that is important. That statement could not be further from the truth! Minerals affect thousands of chemical reactions in your body! Every time you use a muscle, every time your heart beats, every time you breathe -- minerals are being used.

Bevko's Bone & Minerals Complete has all of the minerals and nutrients you need to ensure formation and maintenance of healthy bones.

Unlike ordinary multiple vitamins, there are higher levels of energy-essential nutrients in Multivitamin Forte by Bevko Vitamins. These nutrients re-energize your body every day. This complete multiple vitamin supplement contains 14 vitamins and 12 minerals. It also contains a complete B50 complex, so there's no need to take an extra vitamin B-complex.

The vitamins and minerals in Multivitamin Forte are all pharmaceutical grade or higher with no harmful preservatives. This product is configured to assure maximum utilization, absorption, uptake and efficient nutrient metabolism, because it's formulated to be highly bioavailable and absorbable.