Immune Health

Everyday, either from the stressful lives we live or our toxic environment, our bodies are under attack. That is why it is imperative that we make sure we take supplements that help repair and keep the immune system intact. Our immune system is an intricate collection of mechanisms and responses that protect our bodies from disease by identifying and destroying foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses, as well as tumor cells. The immune system also acts as a tissue repair system in response to physical injury. Thus, a weakened immune system makes us susceptible to a myriad of diseases and may also make it difficult to recover from an illness and injury. The ability of the immune system to protect against disease decreases with age, therefore it is important for the elderly in particular to make sure they are doing what they can to maintain a healthy immunity . . .

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Maintaining a healthy balance of vitamins can play an important role in maintaining the health of the immune system and promoting the healing process. A deficiency in even a single nutrient, such as Vitamin C or Folic Acid, can significantly reduce immune responses.

Vitamin C has long been thought to play a beneficial role in protecting the body from illness. For years mothers have been recommending orange juice and other vitamin-C containing foods as a prevention from the common cold. Recently research has suggested that mothers were right. Vitamin C has been shown to decrease viral disease. One suggested mechanism is that Vitamin C actually increases the activity of immunoglobulins, the principal agents in identifying foreign invaders. Additionally, the skin is considered the “first line of attack” in defending our body from foreign invasion. Vitamin C is also important for healthy skin and other epithelial tissues. The body uses more vitamin C when it is under stress, if infection is present, if there are increased levels of toxins in the body, and when allergic reactions occur. Vitamin C also promotes wound and bone healing.

Folic Acid is active in many, many metabolic processes. Deficiency of folic acid increases the susceptibility to disease. Maintaing adequate levels of folic acid is critical to a healthy immune system.


A healthy diet is also critical to the health of the immune system.


Along with proper nutrient supplementation and a healthy diet, there are other lifestyle habits that promote immunity and the body’s ability to recover from trauma and repair damage from injury. Smokers often have weakened immune systems and impaired healing of tissues. Regular exercise reaps many benefits. Refraining from smoking and exercising regularly are also important for keeping your body healthy and disease-free.