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Sleep health: Many people have difficulties with sleep, either falling
asleep, staying sleep or restless sleep. There are important behavioral
actions you can take to help with sleep, such as turning the lights down and avoiding screens (computers, TV’s etc) an hour before bed. Keeping
regular sleep and awake hours, and sleeping in a cool, dark room. The
brain makes melatonin as it gets dark out, and the light in the AM deactivates it. It takes serotonin to make melatonin so some people with
low serotonin levels may have difficulty producing enough melatonin.
Some people may also have problems producing the amino acid glycine.
Glycine is an amino acid used to produce proteins in the body, most
notably over 30% of collagen contains glycine. Collagen is the underpinning for all your tissues so glycine is very important. Glycine is
also gating neurotransmitter, meaning that it slows down transmission that is too rapid, meaning it can have a calming effect on the brain and may help with quality of sleep.

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