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Bone health and the problem of osteoporosis is becoming more and more widespread. Several factors can contribute to bone loss. The lack of minerals in our food (even if minerals are present in the food they can be hard to absorb) especially when there is a lack of stomach acid which occurs in many people, some because of damage to the stomach lining, age related reduction, and the use of acid blocking medications. Stomach acid is necessary for the absorption of minerals from food. Another issue is the loss of minerals from bone because of acids in the blood. When the blood is more acidic, the body “borrows” minerals from the bones to buffer those acids. That leaves the bone less dense. Another issue with bone density is a reduction in muscle mass. Muscle mass correlates with bone density, so exercise and muscle building is a must to help rebuild bone. Some minerals and vitamins are very important; vitamin D helps with absorbing and retaining more minerals, vitamin K2 helps with directing the building of bone. Vitamin C is important in the formation of collagen the underlying matrix over which the bone is formed.

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