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14-Day Sugar Free Challenge!

By Bevko Vitamins January 24, 2022

14-Day Sugar Free Challenge!

The rules are simple:

  •   No soda pop or sweetened beverages (juice and diet soda included)
  •   No artificial sugar or sugar substitutes
  •   No foods with added sugars (sweets, cookies, flavored yogurts, pasta sauces, or even bread)

During the 14 days, you are challenged to ingest only natural sugars, such as fruits, and find healthy alternatives to your normal sugar-infested food routine.  Sounds simple, right?!

During the next 14 days, we want this challenge to not only help you in your health journey, but to help you think about some of the qualities of sugar that we would love for you all to be in the know about.  Did you know that your brain reacts to sugar in the same way it reacts to hard drugs?  Sugar's addictive qualities typically give you 15 minutes of joy following by a couple of days of wishing you put that cookie down.

Some benefits of a sugar free life include boosted energy, improved sleep patterns, more sharp mind throughout your day, and even extra motivation has been perceived during a sugar free diet.

Looking for more help with your diet?  Email and connect with our partner nutritionist, Sharon Price today! 


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