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Healthy Habits On Vacation

By Bevko Vitamins September 22, 2021



Life can get busy, and we all deserve a break from our normal routine to really enjoy what life has to offer.  For most, this means breaking routine and unhealthy, convenient lifestyles come into play.  This blog is to help you stay on tracking with your goals, even during a vacation.  

Keeping Goals During Vacation is TOUGH!

What is vacation?  For most, its a "break" from reality, schedules, meetings, appointments, responsibility...  and even goals!

Taking a break can be healthy mentally, however it often leaves physical health goals high and dry.  Staying on track is possible, but first we believe it's important to understand what may be standing in your way:

Peer pressure: “Come on, don’t you want dessert?!”  “Just grab a soda, you're on vacation!”  “Don't you love a good burger spot?"

If possible, let everyone you're with know about your goals.  Don’t be afraid to say stand up for yourself. You get to decide what you eat and what you do not. 

Schedules: When we are at home, a strong routine can make all the difference in living a healthy lifestyle. On vacation, when we are not on our regular routine, temptations may get the best of us.

Don't give yourself the option to get lazy.  Pack your workout clothes, and plan times during your day to get your workout in.


Top Tips To Stay On Track While Vacationing

Exercise: You're on vacation, so focus on making your workouts quick and efficient.  Make use of the hotel gym, pool, or a nearby workout studio.  It nothing else, a bodyweight HIIT workout in your own room can do the trick!
Healthy Snacking: Plan your own healthy snacks!  Make a trip to the grocery store and pick up some fruits, of lean proteins to keep you moving.
Walk: Try to walk as much as you can during vacation.  After all, you're there to see the sights right?!  Try to walk after meals and keep your metabolism working at it's peak.
Don’t Overindulge: All inclusive doesn't mean you should try to get your money's worth!  There are lots of yummy choices on vacation.  Enjoy yourself, but don't overdo it when you do.
Stay Hydrated: Don’t forget to drink water!


    You deserve to enjoy your vacation and come back feeling ready to jump right back into your winning routine.  You can do it, and we hope these tips help you!


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