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Make Exercise Fun

By Bevko Vitamins February 07, 2021

Make Exercise Fun


For many, exercise is enjoyable, however, for others, exercise can be perceived as an uncomfortable experience and unenjoyable task.  We all know the importance of exercise for our physical health, however many are unaware of the vast mental health benefits that exercise provides.  Are you someone that wishes exercise could be more fun?

In this blog, we will give you some great exercise alternatives to get active!


Virtual Reality Video Games

Virtual Reality is here and it's very real!  Virtual Reality requires you to get up and move your body.  In other words, Virtual Reality turns video games into exercise.  From sports to light sabres, VR allows you to submerse yourself into a fun environment while exercising.


Jump Rope

Jumping, especially in timed intervals, can be a great form of exercise.  Interval training can benefit physical appearance, however it can also benefit heart health and lung capacity. 



Moving your body to music is enjoyable and the tempo of the music can keep your body moving at a faster rate for longer!



Sports are a great way to keep your body moving, especially for those that are competitive.  Life-long sports such as basketball or tennis are good for their interval-like stop and go nature.



No matter where you live, nature is all around us!  Hiking is great for those perfect weather days where you can get out, on your own or with friends and family, and connect your mind with the great outdoors.  Studies have shown that being in nature has vast benefits for our mental health.


Other Types Of Alternative Exercise

Power Walking, Swimming, Boxing, Trampoline, Cycling, Rowing, Hula Hooping, Walking, Jumping Jacks, and Jogging Stairs.



Cardiovascular exercise is vital to a longer, healthier life.  Exercise isn't always fun, but there are always ways that we can make it more enjoyable.  Life gets busy, but we should never let life get in the way of taking care of our body.

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