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Tips For Staying Healthy On A Budget

By Bevko Vitamins January 19, 2022

Tips For Staying Healthy On A Budget

Sometimes it can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to check off everything on your list. Neglecting your health, however, is a recipe for disaster, and taking the time to nourish your body is an investment that will pay off in dividends. Healthy meals don’t have to break the bank, so read on for some budget-friendly ways to stay healthy.


When considering how to eat healthy while on a budget, meal planning is the way to go. By having a plan, you eliminate a lot of food waste and cut your shopping costs significantly, all while choosing and preparing foods that align with your health goals.

There are different ways to meal plan and prep, and it’s all a matter of finding what works best for your lifestyle. Many people begin by planning out a week’s worth of healthy meals, making sure they have many overlapping, healthy ingredients, and then doing one big shopping and meal prepping day per week. Then, you get to reap the benefits of your labors all week long.


Foods that are in season typically taste better and contain peak nutritional value; they are cheaper, too! Seasonality can vary slightly by location, but you can consult with your local grocer to see what foods are in season at any given time or just take a walk through the produce section. Also, don’t forget to shop around. If possible, check out a few different stores to find the best prices for each type of food item.  Farmers markets can be an excellent place to find affordable produce that is local and in season. While some farmers markets are seasonal, some are year-round.


Meat is usually one of the highest-dollar items in a meal, and by partially or completely replacing it with other, more affordable protein sources (like beans, eggs, canned tuna, edamame, nut butters, or Greek yogurt) you can significantly cut food costs while still getting your needed protein.  Here at Bevko, we are proponents of a gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free diet.


Start a recipe catalogue of your favorite healthy meals. Some healthy college meals you can try include:


By shopping smart and sticking to a meal plan to avoid food waste, you can stick to your health and nutrition goals without breaking the budget.




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