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Best Cardio Exercises

By Andie Wehrwein November 04, 2020

No matter who you are, cardio should be an essential part of your exercise routine. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and jumpstarts your metabolism to help maintain a healthy weight. Not only that, but cardio helps strengthen your heart muscles thus aiding in regulating blood pressure among a number of multiple benefits. Continue on to learn more about the best exercises for cardio health.


Basic, simple and convenient. You can do this anywhere: on the treadmill, outdoor track, on your favorite hiking trail, the park, around the neighborhood, etc. We prefer to do this outside for some fresh air. 


As a compound exercise, rowing is a whole body workout that you can do with either low intensity or high intensity interval training. Post people need to attend a gym with rowing machines to do this, but you can also purchase your own machine to use at home.


Cardio on an elliptical machine is very popular for those who have knee issues or require an exercise that is more gentle on the body. The mechanism is designed for the body to experience a climbing or incline hiking simulation and usually has heart rate monitoring technology for the user to get the best workout possible.


Jumping into the pool is a great, low impact exercise that also works your cardiovascular system. Swimming can also pair as a form or resistance training to tone muscle as you move through the water.

Dance or Jazzercising

Shake things up by hitting the dance floor. If any of the above exercises sound boring or mundane to you, you can always turn to dance or jazzercise for a fun, heart-pumping workout. Depending on your style, you can find dance exercises to do for virtually any music genre. 


If the dancefloor isn’t your thing either, joining a sport will give you some great opportunities to get exercise while also socializing with other players. Boxing, tennis, soccer, baseball, and other sports include some form of cardio exercise when playing. To get the best cardio out of golfing, ditch the golf cart and power walk instead. 

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