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Four Alternative Types of Exercise

By Andie Wehrwein November 04, 2020

Typical exercise routines just don’t cut it for some and there is nothing wrong with it! If you want to mix things up or are still trying to find the right form of exercise for you, there are many options to try out. Below is a list of activities you can try for an alternative form of exercise.

Martial Arts

Karate, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and other martial forms are a great way to stay active and develop self-defense skills. If you are looking for a more gentle martial art, Tai Chi is highly recommended for older adults.

Power Yoga

Yoga stretches the muscles, strengthens the spine and calms the mind in slow but challenging movements. However, for some, the slow rhythmic movements and breathing are incredibly boring. Power yoga is the opposite of what yoga is known for. Utilizing challenging postures, the slow is gone with quick and challenging changes in this alternative class of yoga.

Hula Hoop

It’s time to embrace your childhood and bust out the hula hoop. It’s challenging, engaging and you’ll be having so fun that you won’t even know that you were exercising. 


Strike up the band and hit the floor. Dancing is a fun aerobic activity that not only works your cardiovascular system, but also helps with balance and coordination. Depending on what type of style suits you, dancing can be an easy and fun experience to a challenging skill and muscle building tool.

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